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Status of development



Rendering Engine
geometry ready point, vector, line, plane, bounding sphere, bounding box, geometric operations
ASE ready ASE file loader
ATOFF ready ATOFF file loader
binary 3D format planning
images ready image file loader (using SDL_image) & image utilities (change size and colors)
bitmaps beta b/w bitmap file loader (with converter for true color TGAs)
colors and materials ready objects for OpenGL colors and materials
textures ready texture factory and object for handling textures
mip mapping ready
multi texturing ready object implementing multitexturing using 2 ASE objects
lighting ready LightFactory and classes for omni and spot lights
camera ready camera object
frustum culling ready per object frustum culling
Visual Effects
fog planning
moving smoke planning
vapor trail pre alpha
fire and explosions beta
projective shadows planning
volumetric shadows planning
lens flare planning
light maps pre alpha implementing lightmaps using multitexturing
particle systems implementing
bump mapping planning
3D Models
star ship parts implementing done: 2 hulls, 2 pairs of wings, 1 laser cannon 
planets implementing done: 1 planet (Earth)
worm hole planning
asteroids implementing
others implementing
Sound Subsystem
background music system beta playing music in the background using SDL_mixer
background music implementing still searching for good music
sound effect system beta playing sound effects
sound effects implementing still searching for good sound effects
game objects implementing done: planet (rotating with clouds), almost done: starship
planets planning
star ship simulation implementing simulating tank, reactor, engine, ...  
artificial intelligence planning
story controller implementing
level design implementing
XML part implementing (all level and object definitions are parsed from a XML file)
collision detection beta with bounding spheres and boxes for each object in the game and each part of the starship
intro planning
credits planning


design steps:
planning (implementation hasn't started yet)
implementing (implementation in progress)
 pre alpha (almost implemented)
alpha (implemented but not tested)
beta (first tests successful)
ready (ready to be used)


Various specifications

Build environment

Open issues


Source code documentation

We plan to document or source code (especially the source code of the rendering engine) with Doxygen. We will make this documentation available on this page as soon as it is written. ;-)



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