This page gives you a short overview about the Corona Sphere project.

What is Corona Sphere?

Corona Sphere is an OpenGL based 3D space combat action game with some elements of  an adventure game. 

But it is much more than that! It's a sophisticated game using XML level descriptions which makes it very simple to create completely new levels. It is build on top of our solid OpenGL rendering engine which provides comfortable but still efficient access to most of the OpenGL routines. It also offers loaders for complex 3D objects (ATOFF and ASE files) and images, classes to handle geometry (points, vectors, matrices, lines, planes) easily and the implementation of  many visual 3D effects. Classes for handling music and sounds are also available.

The authors of Corona Sphere

The authors of Corona Sphere are:
Christian christei profile at SourceForge Email at SourceForge Email
Stefan kryste profile at SourceForge Email at SourceForge Email

We study computer science at the Technical University Vienna. Both of  us are very much interested in computer graphics and programming in C++.

Why Corona Sphere?

Because of our interests we decided to attend a course about computer graphics. To explore the power of OpenGL students have to write computer games in the practical part of this course. Since both of us are fascinated of that topic and are fans of Open Source software we decided to write a game which is worth to be played. We plan to realize all our ideas of good computer games. We want to build a flexible game on top of an universal OpenGL real-time rendering engine that all can be reused and adapted very easily. Our project only uses Open Source libraries and open standards.


We thank VA Linux for SourceForge the great Open Source developer platform!


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